Sunday, December 30, 2018

Ringing the Year out in Style

With the arrival of great weather yesterday, we took the opportunity to make one last trip out to visit some wineries.

The View from Big Cork Winery
December 29, 2018
It turned out to be a great way to spend the better part of the day and we also discovered another very enjoyable winery in the area. 

Chris and I took decided to drive about an hour away to visit some wineries. We love wine and enjoy going the wineries to taste the wines and talk to the wine makers about their work. Creating good wine is almost like an art form. Yesterday, we started by going to Big Cork Vineyard in Rohrersville, Maryland, to pick up the wines that had waiting there. The winery is is a beautiful part of Maryland. It is very rural, similar to where we grew up in Upstate New York. After retrieving the wine and sampling the current offerings we set off for a winery in the area that we had not yet visited. 

Hiddencroft Vineyard Smoke House
December 29, 2018
The second winery we visited was Hiddencroft Vineyards in Lovettsville, Virginia.  The winery was housed in a late-1700's dairy farm which obviously had been updated. Many of the barns and buildings were original and very interesting. The wines were very nice as well. After sampling the wines, we bought a bottle and sat outside around the fire pit to enjoy some munchies and the wine. The day was surprisingly warm, still cold but warm enough to be comfortable near the raging fire. We met some other people and enjoyed the wine for about 45 minutes before deciding head back home.

The beautiful day turned into a spectacular day of wine and friends and discovery. 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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