Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Focus on Christmas

The final week has arrived before Christmas Day bursts forth o the scene. I am sure there are many people looking forward to it being over, but Christmas Day is only the beginning.

Chris and I are in the middle of deciding upon menus for our Christmas Eve brunch and Christmas Day dinner.

I know that the excitement is growing for the kids and many adults alike as Christmas draws closer. It is part of the season. 

It is funny, however, Chris and I are already in the middle of returns. It seems that while ordering on Amazon is easy, sometimes it is not easy to ensure I get the right item. I guess I am particularly poor at ensuring that I select the correct colors and combinations. Oh well, what is a little extra for shipping?

So, what do you want this year? Or, is your joy in giving? 

For Christmas this year, as a Federal employee, Santa is bringing me a year without a pay raise and a leadership so embroiled in conflict that they are failing to lead the country by playing brinkmanship and planning for a partial government shutdown  And, at no extra cost, Santa is bringing us a stock market that is crashing and sucking our retirement accounts down the drain. 

I'm not just a little bit disturbed about what is happening in Washington.

But, I need to focus on Christmas--the season and the reason.

There is joy.

I will live in the joy!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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