Saturday, January 28, 2017

Why is there Trash Everywhere?

Highway Litter
It is bad. 

And getting worse every day. I am appalled at the trash along the highways. Where does it come from? Do people really throw trash out of their cars as they speed at 70 mph along the highways? Does the State of Maryland really allow refuse trucks to travel without securing their loads? Apparently so.

Trash from my Yard
It is a problem even in our neighborhood. Yesterday, Chris and I filled up garbage bags with the trash that has been blowing into our yard. I was not amused. I could tell that the trash was not ours, because we do not eat at the restaurants nor shop at the stores represented by the ads on the trash. 
My Neighbor's Solar Panel Plan

Contributing to the mess was the refuse caused when one of our neighbors had solar panels installed earlier in the week. We collected many items from the yard, some labelled Vivint Solar--apparently the workers are not very caring of the environment and the wind brought their droppings into my yard. I obscured our neighbor's name and address because the problem was not theirs, but rather it was the installers. 

Why can't trash and litter be controlled? Are people so shallow as to believe that if it isn't in their yard, it isn't a problem? We live at the bottom, literally, of the street. That which our neighbors don't control ends up in our yard or in the wooded area near our house. It really is appalling. 

We are destroying our environment through our carelessness. And no one seems to care.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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