Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Musings - March 4, 2013

1. I expect McDonald's to be fast. That is why they call it fast food! I Waited over 10 minutes for coffee at the McDonald's in Whitney Point, NY, yesterday. Really.  Waiting for a cup of coffee and then it was terrible. 

2. I forgot how bright new fallen snow is even on an overcast day. Break out the sunglasses.

3. The new 10 cent word: sequestration. (BTW, did you notice the old "cent" symbol is no longer on the keyboard?)

4.  Does anyone know why gas prices have risen? It isn't even summertime yet.

5. I am amazed at how quickly time flies when I am researching on my computer at home. It doesn't seem to pass at the same rate when I am doing research at work!

6. Maryland is panicked--a storm is approaching. I am very happy to have a new roof. It doesn't seem to be a snowpocalypse repeat though.

7. There is nothing worse than being away on a trip and having a brake pad decide that it needs to be replaced. I got to spend my first couple hours back at home replacing brakes and rotors on Chris' car. Apparently the pad sensor was improperly set or got knocked off alignment. 

8. I have determined that with the exception of sporting events, there is nothing much worth watching on television. The era of reality TV is a failure for people searching for meaningful entertainment.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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