Saturday, February 23, 2013

Whether the Weather

I am amazed how much the weather affects me. And, it seems, so are many people around me.

This week was a good example. The weather was gray, and cold, and generally miserable. By the end of the week, so was I. Today is no better. Cold, overcast, and rainy.

As this week wore on, tempers became short, skin became thin, and emotions began to run high. I came home from work last evening with a banging headache and feeling totally drained. I think everyone I know is ready for blue skies, sunshine, and mid-70's (or higher) temperatures.

On the positive side, the Orioles are playing their first Spring Training game today! Summer cannot be far off. I looked at the forecast for Sarasota, Florida (where the Orioles hold Spring Training) and saw sunshine and 80 degree temperatures. I wish I was there. Right now!

But, I am not. I have to take Makayla to get her nails done and accomplish a number of other tasks around the house today. All the while, looking at the cold, gray dampness which has descended upon everything.

I did enjoy Ethan's last basketball game of the season already this morning. At least that means that youth baseball season is about to begin!

The weather is a fact of life. It is just amazing how much it affects the quality of life.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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