Friday, February 1, 2013

The Corner of my Toast

I was sitting here, reading the morning news coming across the computer screen and mindlessly eating when I realized that two very deep, brown eyes were watching my moves closely as I came to the last corner of my breakfast toast.
Makayla at Breakfast

The last corner--of course, I do not own the last corner of my toast. No, it is Makayla's, and she knows it.

It has become a morning ritual that I rarely notice, except when I am traveling or she is having an overnight in preparation for a trip upon which I have an early departure.

She is patient. She sits there until the last corner is clearly available. And then, she inches closer. Sometimes she puts her nose on my leg to remind me that her piece of toast is nearly ready.

I have to be careful with the jam though--too much and she gets is in her fur--and that causes other issues.

When I am ready to share, she is so gentle about taking the corner of the toast from my hand. I have had other dogs who gulp the piece down without even really enjoying it, but Makayla seems to know that this special shared breakfast is a morsel to be savored and enjoyed.

I think I enjoy giving it to her more than she enjoys eating it, but it does cement that special bond between us.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge. MD

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