Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Roof Day

It is hard not to be excited about getting a new roof. It is new, after all. It is something that the house has needed for a couple years now--I have been keeping the current roof in service through extra care.

It really became a crisis during Hurricane Sandy, a/k/a/ Frankenstorm, when I was on the roof, accompanied at various times by Chris, Patrick, and Corey working to stem the leaking--successfully, I might add, during the worst part of the storm.

I had the unique experience of driving when the roads were closed to secure roof patch at Home Depot and then climbing up the ladder to try to figure out where the water was coming inside form. Leaks never are where they appear!  It is one of those facts of life. I was, however, successful in stemming the flow.

And now, some four months hence and before the summer begins, the roof is being replaced. It is time to reset and restart the timer on my roof. The 22 year-old builders 20-year roof is at the end of its life. I have known this day was coming for some time as there are many new roofs in the neighborhood. I wish that I could take the rook money and do a nice vacation somewhere--but no, it will be reinvested into a roof.

I do not believe new roofs increase the value of a home--they are one of those foundational requirements--roof? Yes. Does it leak? No. Nuff said!

I'm not planning on being here when it expires the next time. I'm getting a lifetime roof--although I'm not sure whether that is my lifetime or the house. In either case, I should not be bothered by roof issues ever again.

I will say, the process of getting quotes for this job was interesting. The variance between the low and high quotes was incredible. The last of the four company's didn't bother leaving a quote because they were going to be $2,000 above the lowest for lesser quality materials. I appreciated getting about an hour of my life back. Note to self--definitely get multiple quotes for big jobs!

They should be arriving soon. I hope the weather holds. At least I'm taking a day off from work to watch/monitor the progress.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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