Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Knowing Who is Standing with Me is What Matters

I've been in a low spot. It could be the lack of sunshine, the continuing too cold weather, the pace at work, or my crummy racquetball outings--but nonetheless, I've been in a low spot. I played a racquetball match last evening and even though I had a lead late in both games, I knew I'd blow it, and I did. It was a self fulfilling prophecy.

That written, I have come across a powerful song released last year by one of my favorite artists, Chris Tomlin. The song is Whom Shall I Fear? As I have been struggling against the cold darkness of the season and self-doubt, this song had lifted my spirit.

It is a very uplifting song and I highly recommend it. Click on the link to YouTube above to see the words and hear the song.

The refrain lyrics are:

I know who goes before me 
I know who stands behind me 
The God of angel armies 
Is always by my side 
The one who reigns forever 
He is a friend of mine 
The God of angel armies 
Is always by my side

Perspective! That's what matters when I get too focused on the crummy seasonal weather, losing racquetball matches, being wrong more than I am right, or when I begin to doubt myself and my ability.

I saw the sunrise yesterday grace the sky on my way to work. It was fabulous. The promise of the new day stretched out in front of me dragged me into the dawn of an exciting new day full of possibilities. I've got a lot of stuff to do every day and I need to take more enjoyment from the tasks completed than perseverating over the tasks remaining.   

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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