Saturday, February 2, 2013

Imaginary Controversy

I watched a news report a few minutes ago about how a famous youthful star had signed a major contract with a diet drink maker. Read about it in the Huffington Post article. Seemed cool to me.

Then the twist.

The protectors of society, my name not theirs, have arrived on the scene to create controversy where there should be none denouncing the endorsement deal as irresponsible because of all of the bad health consequences associated with soft drinks--especially sweetened ones.

Listening to the news report on the small minority of people who are on the front lines of this issue, I fear we are headed for a new prohibition era against soft drinks--which is really strange, where did I leave my glass of wine?

But really? It is a diet drink! People drink soda, just like people still smoke, drink alcohol, and heaven-forbid use gasoline to power automobiles.

I am more and more concerned that our society is becoming dominated by special interests which seek to impose their radical minority opinion upon the larger part of society often at the expense of reason and rational thought.

Outlawing soft drinks--or large soft drinks as some cities have done or attempted, seems to be an abuse of power. Where do these abuses stop? We already have more laws and ordnances than I can even begin to comprehend.

Condemning a star for inking a multi-million dollar deal to support a product which is legal and enjoyed by millions around the world seems extreme.

We need to let parents parent, and we need to let adults suffer natural consequences of their actions.

Let's stop creating controversy where there should be none and learn to live and respect others.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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