Sunday, February 3, 2013

Game Day - Super Bowl

One game--winner takes all and the loser is all but forgotten. I hardly remember the loser of last year's game--oh wait, it was the Patriots!

The culmination of a season of hard work comes down to one game played on a huge stage where every defect and strength is on display.

It is a game larger than life and larger than the sport, it seems. Even the halftime show is beyond belief. It is the only game all season where the television fans at home get to see the halftime show because it truly is a spectacle.

The price for tickets is out of sight for the normal fan. This morning, I checked one site and the lowest ticket was $1194. Really? For a football game? And one that isn't usually up to the hype?

Yet I know people who are there. My neighbors, for instance.

I will watch the game--and as one might suspect I am all in for the Ravens, as I have been all season. I believe that although they may not be the better team on paper or in the computers, they have the intangibles! It is Ray Lewis' last ride. I suspect there will be a lot of purple in church this morning.

But this is the day we have been waiting for since before the season began, so I need to enjoy it. 32 teams began the season with their sights set upon being in today's game--only two are left. At the end of the day, there will be a champion and an also ran.

As the Ravens fight song goes:

Fight! Fight! Fight!
Ravens dark wings take to flight
Dive in and show them your might
For Baltimore and Maryland
You will fly on to victory

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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