Friday, January 4, 2013

Walter's Art Museum: Part Deux

I played hooky from work yesterday afternoon and took my parents to visit the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore.
Syria: The Night Watch
Brighton Riviere 

It was my second visit in a few months and it was every bit as enjoyable as my first.

I am really happy that such a world class art collection is available right here in Baltimore--and that I don't have to sojourn to D.C. every time I need an art fix.

One painting caught my imagination, Syria: The Night Watch by Brighton Riviere. I could not help but consider the current unrest and atrocities happening in that country and look at the lions in the painting patrolling the streets looking for people to devour. There was something very eerie about the painting and the reports in the news this week that 60,000 people have died in the civil war happening in Syria.

The Ideal City

I did, finally, get to view The Ideal City, which was traveling the last time I was there. I find this painting fascinating and extremely out of style for the period of paintings in which it is displayed. This is one of those very special enigmatic paintings.

It was a great afternoon and I will be visiting again, soon!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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