Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Life We Live After

I read a thought provoking article in the Baltimore Sun the other day. It was about Ray Lewis--the retiring all-pro, all consensus Hall of Fame bound middle linebacker of the Baltimore Ravens.

The editorial was written by Dan Rodericks and recounted the trouble that followed Ray Lewis at the beginning of his career.

Lewis was troubled and associated with people who were not of the highest character; Ray calls his acquaintances thugs.. As a result, there was an incident after the 2000 Super Bowl where two men were killed and Lewis and his companions were implicated. Many people insist that Lewis got away with murder, but Dan Rodericks takes a different view--and e has some first hand information.

Rodericks admits that Lewis made mistakes--but don't we all. He should have cooperated with the police and not obstructed the investigation--a charge which he was convicted of and the only charge that the Fulton County Police were able to get from the entire investigation.

My view? A lot of people remember that situation, but have not taken the time to really examine the circumstances and hold onto to what they want to believe about Ray. I guess I am more willing to forgive. This is not like another NFL personality who was convicted of cruelty to animals--and came back to play. Or another NFL player convicted of carrying a weapon in a crowded night club and ultimately shooting himself. Or even one teams head coach who carried a loaded revolver through airport security without declaring it.

Two men died that night in Atlanta.  After the police investigation and the trial no one was convicted of murder. Ray Lewis made a mistake by obstructing justice--and was convicted on that charge alone. He has turned his life around in the subsequent 13 years to become an inspirational leader of his team and the Baltimore community. 

Perhaps there is wisdom in the line from the movie The Natural that Dan Rodericks quotes:

"I believe we have two lives," says Roy Hobbs' old girlfriend in "The Natural," played by Glenn Close. "A life we learn with and a life we live with after that."

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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