Sunday, January 6, 2013

On into the Rest of the Year

The final decorations of Christmas have been returned to their storage containers where they will remain until after Thanksgiving 2013.

My, how quickly the season came and went--but I've written that before.

Today, it is onto football, playoffs, and enormous amounts of foot to celebrate the start of the rest of the year!

It is really exciting for the region that both teams are hosting playoff games on the same day. I'm not sure anything else is getting done anywhere around here today.

Hopefully, the football playoffs will not end the same way the baseball playoffs did with both teams losing in the first round! That was a real bummer.

But--here is a thought, I don't think the both of the regions baseball and football teams have ever made the playoffs during the same year!

That, as they say, is really exciting for a region where cellar dwelling has been perfected.

Focus on the positives--we are there. The outcome matters but not as much as just getting there. There are 20 other teams in the NFL whose seasons ended last year--and we are at least playing on and at home!

Go Ravens and Go Redskins (Fight for ole DC even though you play in Maryland)

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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