Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Morning Has Broken, Again

I have noticed and been enjoying the dawn these past few days. With the skies being clearer, although the temperatures are cold, the dawns have had that "fire in the sky" look to them.  There is always one star shining at the dawn to remind me of the night--but the sun is spectacular as it casts those first rays on morning onto the light clouds.

I have always loved the dawn.

The beginning of the day when everything seems new and the promise of the day has not yet been tarnished by the reality of life and living.

When the skies are gray and cloudy as they have been many days, I miss seeing the dawn light breaking out of the darkness.

I remember going into a dark room with no windows once and lighting a match. It was amazing how light drives out darkness.  Darkness is not the opposite of light, it is the absence of light. I think that makes a difference. I guess that means that darkness cannot overwhelm light--but can only exist when there is no light.

And the morning drives away the dark of night with spectacular color and enthusiasm for the dawning day.

I should be so enthusiastic.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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