Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mid-Winter Respite

The temperature achieved 60-something yesterday breaking a two week long cold snap.

It was actually nice to walk outside and believe that springtime is as close as the daffodils that are poking through the ground.

The warmer temperatures reminded me that we do not have to continue suffering through the incredible cold, but there are places where it is warmer.

I want to more there.

I thought about putting the top down on Cat and driving around, but, alas, as I am recovering from a nasty cough that probably wouldn't have been the best idea of the day. And, it was only 63 or so degrees. Cat has a heater, though, I probably would have been warm. It is hard to believe that I have had Cat for three years.

Warmer days after a cold snap make me begin to think of the coming warmth. Springtime and pool opening.

With today's forecast of 66 degrees and rain, can springtime be far off?

Tomorrow though, it is back into the 40's.

I will enjoy today--even the rain because it is warm and not snowing.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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