Sunday, January 20, 2013

Club House Tour - Orioles

The highlight of my weekend was doing something that I have never done before--nor, had I even known that it was possible to do--tour the Orioles clubhouse.
Orioles Club House

While leaving Fan Fest, we saw signs for the Club House Tour and followed them--not knowing if there was an extra fee or not. Turns out, it was free and the Orioles open the club house for tours once per year--during Fan Fest.  Wow!

And what a tour it was. Behind the scenes, into the training facility, the club house, the indoor batting cages and onto the field in the dug out!
Adam Jones Locker


Standing in fron of the Orioles Dug Out
How does one describe the excitement of going through the tunnel from the club house into the dug out where I have seen the team during so many Orioles games that I have lost count.

But to actually stand on the warning track and to sit in the dug out.
Orioles Park from in front of the Dug Out

It was a perspective changer.
Buck's Office

The day was beautiful. The sky was clear. Baseball was in the air.

Line-up Board
What a day!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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