Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Arrives with a Whimper

Happy New Year!

As the morning dawned on the new year, I looked out of my window to see the world much as I left it last evening when I charged off to a New Year's Eve party.

I had a marvelous time welcoming in the new year with friends and watching, for the first time, the ball drop in New York City without Dick Clark.

In the news department, many of our elected representatives were busy at work into and through the dawning of the New Year. Just before midnight, it appeared that the country was spared the scourge of falling off the fiscal cliff. But, as I read the news this morning it is hard to tell where we are in relationship to the fiscal cliff. The Senate and the President are clapping themselves on the back and declaring success while the House of Representatives still has to weigh in. A definite wild card in the process.

Chaos could still reign.

So we drove off the cliff but there may be a trampoline at the bottom kind of like a Road Runner cartoon.

Resolutions for the New Year?

I resolve that I am going to appreciate the blessings in my life more. Instead of focusing on the I wants, I am going to appreciate the thank you because I have. Every day!

Vacation Plans?

I guess the page is kind of blank right now, I haven't thought about going anywhere yet. Well, except to Sarasota during March for Spring Training. Then maybe Florida in July. And a cruise would be nice . .

A New Year with so many opportunities--Bring it on!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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