Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lost Weekends

Sometimes it feels like I am cramming three days of activity into a two day weekend.

Looking at my calendar, this will apparently be the norm for the next couple of weekends. Short trips to here or there coupled by intense activity around the house.

Weekends have become an extension of my too busy life and not a respite from the 5-day "rat race" that I usually look forward to enjoying. The time of rest, recreation, and recuperation that used to embody weekends has been overtaken by continuous activity and appointments.

It is sad that my weekends have been so transformed--although I do get to sleep in until 6 am, the around the house maintenance projects are not going away and the increased darkness associated with the season makes it harder to schedule completion of the outside projects. Take, for instance, the ornamental grasses surrounding the swimming pool perimeter. They are still there.

And then, on Monday the Christmas lights go up. I celebrate Veteran's Day by preparing for the day after Thanksgiving when the Christmas season arrives to light up the landscape. Turkeys to Santas! Sounds like a Rockefeller Center show of some kind.

Just another extension of the too busy weekend.

And "that" season is lurking right around the calendar preparing to suck all available time into shopping and preparations. I hope I can do all of my shopping via computer and Amazon this year.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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