Thursday, November 15, 2012

Finding Joy

It is there, waiting for me if I just pause for as moment to enjoy it.
Jax Showing Joy


A strange, small word that is easily lost in the hustle of my life. A word that is not often used by itself, but more often combined into other words like "enjoy" and "joyless."

Sometimes I find joy in watching others, like in the photo, I remember Jax rolling on the ground after a soccer game just enjoying life and playing with his grandma.

Yesterday I found joy in two seemingly small events.

First, my allergist told me that I could reduce my trips to his office for shots to once per week instead of the two times per week schedule that I have been on since June. A small thing, yes--but very freeing. And my arms are beginning to get sore as the dosage in each shot had been increased. And they itch. Do I feel better? I guess so--we will see in the springtime.

Second, Chris and I removed the leaves, again, from the front lawn as darkness was falling. It was good to be outside working around the house until dark. OK--5pm-ish. It would have been nicer had it been 9pm or so, but it was nice to be outside.

Joy in the small things.

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