Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cold Saturday Morning

Where would you rather be on a 45 degree morning with a stiff wind making it seem more like 35 degrees.

Jax's Last Soccer Game of 2012 

1. At home, wrapped in a blanket drinking a hot cup of coffee while watching a good movie, or

Ethan and Makayla
2. On a soccer field watching Jax's final game of the season.

I chose correctly--on the soccer field.

It was a cold morning--and I was cold even with a coat, sweatshirt and shirt working together to maintain my body temperature. Makayla, however, enjoyed the morning on the soccer field with Ethan. She seemed especially renewed by the cooler temperatures. Or maybe she was cold and trying to keep warm herself?

The soccer game was exciting and Jax worked hard--but was not able to score a goal. He made some stunning saving kicks however.

Over all, the game was just--COLD!

It was so cold--how cold was it? It was so cold that the clock froze and the game lasted (it seemed) forever.

Not really, it just seemed that way.

I did get some nice pictures of Jax working the game to his advantage.

A fun way to spend part of Saturday.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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