Saturday, October 27, 2012

Franken-storm Cometh

The east coast is abuzz with talk of and preparations for Hurricane/Tropical Storm Sandy. It has become all consuming--even here at home where took a few hours of leave yesterday to begin storm preparations.
Storm Proofed Back Deck Area

We have many plants and chairs and cushions along with assorted patio related items that needed to be secured. The task was to get everything out of the open areas and secured. Including off the porch.

The pool house has become a temporary greenhouse (although dark) to hide the plants that normally adorn the exterior of the house.

I enjoyed all of the leaves that had fallen and I hope that having the leaves mostly off the trees will reduce the numbers of fallen trees and branches which create havoc when they crash through power lines, roads, and houses.
The Pool House Becomes a Green House

The news media is everywhere ensuring that people are aware of the impending storm. That is a good thing.

Schools are preparing for contingencies.

People are panicking. Others are making preparations for the impending mayhem.
Makayla Keeping a Watchful Eye on Storm Preparations

Makayla, however, is just taking it all in. She parked herself on the pool cover and just kept a watchful eye on my comings and goings as I worked to move stuff around.

Sometimes, I wish I were a dog.

Then I could lay on the pool cover among the leaves and just relax while the world around me is working feverishly to prepare for a huge storm.

Well--although the storm is named Sandy--it is really a Franken-storm because is stands to destroy Halloween.

But, more on that another day.

I think I'm going to join Makayla on the pool cover.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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