Friday, October 26, 2012

Foreign Policy Question

Is having a coherent foreign policy important?  Seems to me that it must not be that important after watching the debacle of a debate the other night.

One candidate for president obviously doesn't believe in a coherent foreign policy because he has not implemented one and his challenger wanted to talk about domestic issues instead.

Why is foreign policy so important?  It is because the world is so small.

An inconsistent foreign policy means that our friends and foes alike cannot trust us.

Who really knows what are are doing. Even we don't it seems.

When presidential candidates are discussing foreign policy and someone is getting a tutorial about bayonets and horses and aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines--we have a problem. America has a problem.

Foreign policy is important and sometimes I feel like it is the second fiddle to everything else, like domestic policy and one up man-ship.

Maybe I care more than many people.

Maybe we need to really examine what the U.S. is about and make a reasoned decision.

All I know is that neither candidate made definitive foreign policy statements, but they sniped at each other like high schoolers without eliciting a meaningful, coherent policy.

Is there another candidate in the race?

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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