Thursday, September 20, 2012

Two Roads and a Field

A cool September's morning mist
hovered above sun scorched grasses
in a small field sandwiched between
two rush hour crammed highways

The motionless scene, frozen in place
framed by a stunning blue sky and the golden dawn
provided a visual respite from the traffic clogged highway
creating a paradox of traffic and nature

I longed to stop my truck and walk into the field
feeling the coolness of the place
savoring the fragrances captured in the mist
expecting damp softness to caress my face

Pausing, if only for a moment
enjoying the thick wet dew on my shoes,
or better yet, kicking them off
walking barefoot among the late summer foliage.

Springtime's greens had long been bleached brown
by the relentless summer sun
dried Queen Anne's lace haloed in the mist
sparkled in the morning light recapturing its beauty

Trapped behind the wheel of my steel steed
I could only imagine the small plot's peace
isolated between the hazards of the highways
yet captured in my mind, as a place of escape.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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