Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tinge of Autumn

I noticed it this week in some of the trees on my street. The first signs of autumn's brilliant colors creeping onto the trees.
First Colors of Autumn

There is a maple tree at the top of the street which always seems to be the first one in the neighborhood to take on the color of autumn. And it has begun. It is a stunning tree standing alone and I see it often reflecting the first rays of morning light. Although now that the season has changed I am going to work in darkness and no longer get to enjoy it reflecting the golden rays of the dawn.

I am noticing the color of autumn in other trees as well. The first hints of red on the edges of the leaves.

Last Saturday, when autumn arrived, reportedly, Jax got up in the morning and was shocked to find the leaves still on the trees. He thought that magically, overnight, all of the leaves would fall from the trees so that he could play in them. Fortunately, we still get to enjoy the leaves as they change color before they fall to the ground.

But, autumn is here and the colors are coming. I could complain that summer is gone, but it is a lot more fun to find joy in the daily changes around me.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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