Friday, September 7, 2012

Simply O's

I was planning to do another blog on out the hotel window--but the O's played the Yankees last evening--and won what was the most important game in the past 15 years! And now tonight's game is the most important game in that same span.

OMG--it is September and the Orioles are playing to win the division for the first time since 1997.

Am I excited?
Camden Yards from Pickle's Pub

Yes. This is the first time the Orioles have been playing for the post season since I've been a season ticket holder. They are tied for the second best record in the American league.

I can't wrap my head around it. Neither can my family.

Whether they actually make the playoffs or not is almost immaterial--but I have been wishing for a beltway World Series between the National and the Orioles, just because both teams deserve the recognition.

I have some of the tickets for post season games--but I fear I will go broke supporting the resurgent O's which are arguably, one of the best teams in baseball.

How can I possibly miss a game?

I can't.

How can I not fly to Tampa for the season finale when the O's will likely secure a post season playoff spot, or not.

I saw on TV that over 46,000 people were in the Yards last night--and it made me happy that Baltimore, one of the premier baseball towns in America was back with a swagger.

I read a Yankee blog and it seems that Yankee fans know the Orioles are for real. They are panicked!

Can the O's really win the AL East? Or even wild card. Remember, at the beginning of the season they were predicted to lose more than 100 games and be worse than the Houston Astros?  The Astros have already been mathematically eliminated from post-season play--the only team in baseball with that distinction and they are on track to lose about 110 games. I feel bad for their fans--I've supported a team that has been there.

My what a few months will do.


However it ends, the ride has been great and I love baseball.

-- Bob Doan, Writing from Denver, CO

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