Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Return of the Hunter

I am amazed at how it sneaks up on me during September.

Hanging there in the pre-dawn sky yesterday morning Orion made his presence known to me as I was returning to the house after Makayla's morning walk.

I am always happy when Orion finally disappears after transitioning to the evening sky. It means Spring has returned. For now though Orion's return signals that the dark, cold times are on their way.

The constellation is stunning though. Besides the Big Dipper, Orion may be the most recognizable constellation, although Cassiopeia is a close second.

I enjoy the way the imaginary hunter watches over me. Some of the stars that comprise Orion are friends as well. Betelgeuse and Rigel are my favorites.

The return of Orion means pool closing is at hand. The leaves will don their autumn gaiety soon, and the snow and cold of winter are not far behind.

So much cold and darkness before the return of moderate temperatures.  And all because Orion has returned.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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