Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rain, Storm and September

Some ferocious storms blew through the area last evening. We had been suffering from a mini-drought and the lawn was beginning to show signs of stress from the dry heat and sun., so at least the rains, if not the wind, was welcomed.

I didn't have to mow this week. I guess that is a plus. The dry conditions hopefully will change as September fades into October.

After the storm, the pool was a mess again--the sycamore trees are beginning to give up their leaves early because of the dry conditions. Many of their leaves now adorn the surface of my pool. I definitely need to close it up this weekend and bring an official end to the summer fun. I think I am procrastinating.

I enjoyed walking barefoot in the yard during the storm, being dispatched to the garden for some oregano, and feeling the soft earth giving way beneath my feet. It was rock hard just yesterday.

As I departed out of work last evening a large number of people were waiting under the awning for the rains to subside. I smiled. I love rain and walked past them right out into the fury of the storm. I made a point of walking, not running, to my car so that I could enjoy the raindrops slapping my face and careening into my clothes.

Smiling, because the raindrops do not care where they land. Even if I run, others are waiting. They bring me joy.

The rain was warm.

And wet.

It was a September storm with warm rains--unlike November's storms which are cold and numbing. Something else to enjoy as the season winds down.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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