Thursday, September 13, 2012

Insanity and Civilization

I an still trying to wrap my head around the violence taking place in Libya and Egypt that has resulted in the death of brave Americans who were there trying to help the people of the region obtain freedom and safety from oppression.

How could the Libyans forget so quickly that it was the United States that helped lead them out from under the oppressive policies of a dictator and into self control of their government?

Same for Egypt--where although the U.S. did not take an active role, we quickly embraced the new government and offered assistance.

And this morning I read that the violence against Americans has spread to Yemen.

Why are the people of the U.S. seen as pariahs while those who daily foment violence and chaos seen as liberators? And they kill their own.

Why is the world so upside down?

All of this is because of an inflammatory film? Really? Are they that insecure in their faith? Is their god not big enough to shrug these slights off?

I have seen and heard a lot of inflammatory statements made about and against my God--but I know that my God is bigger than weak and feeble-minded statements made in ignorance and I also know that we humans are imperfect to begin with. My God is a God of forgiveness. Just ask!

I am sure that I am on their list now for questioning the omnipotence of their god. I read that it is not a popular thing to do.

But this morning I mourn the loss of brave, devoted American patriots who were killed doing their jobs for ungrateful peoples in places of the world that I have no desire to visit.

I am beginning to understand that tolerance is a foundational building block of civilization. We cannot consider ourselves civilized without appreciating diversity.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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