Friday, July 13, 2012

A Week, Already?

As I was sunning myself on the beach yesterday, I realized that I have been on vacation for a week already. Amazing! And OMG it is almost over.

We headed off to the beach a bit earlier than normal--I wanted to get there before low tide--hoping for some better images of the sharks and other creatures. Although the water still had only about 10 foot visibility--I was rewarded by some good images.

The storms over the ocean were kicking up the sand a bit. But the clouds were magnificent. They were fun to look at and watch off in the distance. The sun came and went and the water became more choppy as the day went on.

We had a visit from a relatively large sand crab--who walked right by me and stopped for a bit to have its picture taken. If it wasn't such a crab, it would have been cute. And I took this with my underwater camera.

I conducted my obligatory shark quest and ran across two at different times during the day. The bigger shark was later in the day, but the water was so cloudy by then I didn't even try to take a picture.

The exciting animal of the day was the squirrel fish I found hanging out near the bottom of a rock ledge. They don't normally visit waters this shallow, so it was a real find. It was nice that it wasn't moving around too much, so I was able to work the shot a bit.

When I am not in the water, I am reading two books--one is about a World War II B-24 crew member that survived over thirty days at sea in a life raft and then was sent to a Japanese concentration camp. The book is named, Unbroken<\i>. The other is about the USS Intrepid aircraft carrier. Both are very interesting. The reason I am reading two is because one is electronic, and I can't read it on the beach--the other is a traditional book.

Nothing is better than a good read for vacation.

-- Bob Doan, Jupiter, FL

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