Saturday, July 14, 2012

Unraveling Days--Nearing Vacation's End

The days left in my vacation are quickly drawing to zero. Tomorrow I must begin my roughly 15 hour sojourn back to Maryland. Today is effectively my last day in the paradise that I consider Florida.

Yesterday was a day devoted to shopping and happy hour on the beach. We enjoyed a quiet day and a spectacular evening alongside the waves of Jupiter Island. The waves were the roughest that they have been since we arrived. I am always amazed at the many faces that the ocean takes on--from placid and friendly to rough and foreboding.

I did not go out in search of the sharks, but we did see about a 4 foot one racing along the shore in the rough surf presumably in search of dinner. Chris took the cool image of the day. It was an osprey just clearing the water after snagging dinner--a fish. I took some nice images of the osprey in flight as it posed overhead for me--but the fish and the bird are more interesting.

The bird was just beautiful. And as I sat on the beach contemplating the meaning of life, I was fascinated watching such a majestic bird flying and fishing so close to me.

I guess I survived Friday the 13th. And now for my second favorite foreign holiday--Bastille Day which is today. Vive la France!

I do love the beach though.

-- Bob Doan, Jupiter, FL

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