Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sand, Sea, and Sun

The beach was fantastic and the marine life was there for us to enjoy. It was a fabulous day and although Maryland was baking with over 100 degree temperatures, we were enjoying the sand and sun in about 90 degree weather and a cooling ocean breeze.

The beach was uncrowded--not at all like Ocean City. And while there were waves, the ocean provided good visibility for my snorkeling adventures. I still need to color correct the images--but a green turtle and a nurse shark provided the snorkeling image highlights of the day.

The green turtle was sleeping when we happened upon it--and sadly we spooked it a bit although we tried not to bother it. It swam away and we followed for a short while, but it swam fairly quickly. It did circle back around later in the day when we were on the shore.

One of the highlights of the day was finding a nurse shark under a rocky outcropping. The shark was just laying around chilling. Maybe it was on vacation like I was. I did catch it moving--which was nice.

Later in the day I happened upon three lemon sharks, but sadly my camera lens had fogged over because I let it lay in the sun, so I couldn't get a picture of them. They were definitely exciting to see and to demonstrate my common sense, I did leave that area to them a decided to snorkel in another part of the ocean. After all, the ocean is certainly big enough for all of us!

A great day in the water though with the hopes of many more.

-- Bob Doan, Jupiter, FL

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