Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More taxes for people, less taxes for Casinos

There is a funny thing happening in Maryland. I wish that I understood the math behind it--but I don't.

The state is considering lowering the taxes on casinos while at the same time raising personal income taxes on a large percentage of the population.


Whose bright idea is this?

I am becoming a huge fan of a flat tax. I believe that every segment of the population should bear the burden for providing services and funding the government equally. Everyone--regardless of income should pay the same percentage with no exemptions.

This will never happen because politicians make great points with low income voters by persecuting the higher income earners. This is neither fair nor equitable.

Implementing a flat tax will make it harder to hide inefficiencies and waste because everyone will have an even stake in ensuring that government is run efficiently.

Lower income voter who are in a net get more from tax payers than they pay will now be more interested in supporting efficient government.

Rich voters will be encouraged to earn more and thereby fuel the economy even more rather than trying to find ways to evade the oppressive tax rates which when federal, state, and local bites are added together can exceed 50 percent.

Every American should support the government equally. Every American should expect the same protections ad services.

Therefore a flat tax seems the most reasonable approach. Oh--and keep the taxes high on casinos--they are just stealing money from people legally.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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Jeremy Doan said...

It's almost like a modern day fall of the Roman empire. Those who don't know are condemned to repeat it.. We are living it.

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