Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lounge Lizard Revival

Well, I overdid the sun on Friday--actually I missed a covering a large portion of my back with sun screen, so I needed an out of the sun day yesterday.

Instead of heading off to the beach, we did some shopping and a movie--we saw Men in Black 3. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and tolerated the shopping. I even found some shirts and shorts while shopping. My exciting purchase of the day was a harmonica--no, I do not know how to play the harmonica. Chris will have to suffer with it, but I have wanted a harmonica for a while. I don't really know why.

Some of what I saw, while shopping, made me retch at the thought of wearing it and sent me on a time machine back to the 70's and the leisure suit era. A period of men's clothing I had hoped to forget. I was so shocked by one combination that I took a picture of it for posterity.

I also realized the age demographic that the stores are displaying clothes for is a lot older than I am. Trust me, it looks better in the image than it did in real life.

-- Bob Doan, Jupiter, FL

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