Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bats and Mosquitoes

Sitting outside last evening as night fell, covered with bug repellant, I marveled at the efficiency of the many bats which were feasting on the burgeoning mosquito population.

They flew in tight turns clearing the sky of the swarms which seemed to be aimed directly at my legs. I am the definition of a mosquito magnet. Any mosquito within an acre of me will make an express run to sample my blood. I would like to think it is my sweet personality--but I am sure that cannot possibly be the truth.

The bats, however, are my defenders. They make it almost enjoyable for me to be out experiencing the evening. I enjoy watching the bats at dusk. Sometimes the pass low over the pool--or make a sudden turn over my head all while dining on the attacking hoards.

I still serve as a meal for some. And executioner for others.

So there I was, watching the bats fly closer to me and swatting bugs.

Was I having a good time? No, not really. But the other option was to head inside and we only have a few months of the year to enjoy our yard and pool--so I stick it out, covered with spray, counting the stars appearing in the lightly clouded sky, and cheering on the bats.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD


Hilary said...

Do you still have your headache?
I am 8 months into mine, stumbled on your blog, and wondered if you ever got any relief?

Bob Doan said...

My headaches went away on their own. I am one of the lucky ones.

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