Thursday, July 26, 2012

Aurora, Guns, and Common Sense

I read a report that gun sales are surging in the wake of the shootings in Aurora, Colorado, because people are concerned that new restrictions that key be placed on gun ownership.  The article published by CBS News can be read at the link.

In contrast to this, Maryland is about to loosen restrictions on concealed gun carrying. The court just ruled that the Maryland laws are too restrictive.

I have become a fan of concealed handgun carrying in the wake of the Aurora theater shootings. We the people have for too long been viewed as sheep to be slaughtered by terrorists and wackos. If more Americans exercised their concealed carry rights, which are legal in 49 states, perhaps the terrorists and wackos would rethink their plans.

What if--in that theater last Friday morning some of the movie goers had weapons on them and could have defended themselves against the insanity which walked in through the side door and started shooting? Less people probably would have died or been injured AND we would not have been subjected to a lengthy and expensive trial complete with news media coverage of every small lead and innuendo.
.357 Magnum

Instead of limiting gun sales, legislators need to ensure that citizens are encouraged to carry concealed weapons to assist law enforcement in defending the peace and ensuring wackos and terrorists think twice before plotting to kill Americans. I know this is in direct contrast to the mayor of New York's view on the issue who believes that less guns are better.

Common Sense thought: I just have to believe that if we, the intended victims of violence had the ability to defend ourselves in kind, then we would all be safer. If the criminal with the weapon had to think twice about the possibility of facing someone with the same kind of firepower--and who could probably use it, too, then perhaps there would be less crime. Just a thought.

So in closing, I read a story that is close to my opinion on the matter. It is titled: The Difference between a  Liberal, a Conservative . . .  and a Redneck.

Nice grouping!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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Unknown said...

A long time ago (1970ish) a good friend of mine, Jim Mitchel, a Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff, believed that the surest way to stop airline hijacking was to issue ALL passengers a loaded .38 pistol. I was struck by his creative approach to solving that problem. Aurora was a huge tragedy but taking away or further restricting our second amendment rights is not the answer...fact is, there is no answer. There will always be the crazies or the radical out there!

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