Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Musings - June 11, 2012

1. A beautiful, hot weekend and lots of fun near the pool because I couldn't actually get into it yet.

2. Traveling for business on a Sunday is no fun. Especially during the mid-day. Note to self for the future.

3. I am amazed how resilient the human body is, I looked at my arm after the wrappings were removed and was shocked at what I saw--but it worked. I was able to pour a bottle of wine with my left hand already! And that's how I noticed there was a problem to begin with.

4. The deck project is at a halt due to my recovery--but I expect it to be done by weekend.

5. Changes are hard. This is the month that my boss retires and I, with the thought of that, already miss him.

6. July is coming and so is my trek to Florida for relaxation. Bring on the sun and the heat--it's summer!

7. As I was flying yesterday, I was amazed again at the vastness of this fantastic land.

8. I wonder if there are any vineyards in Omaha.

9. Have any one else noticed that the airlines are leaving the seatbelt lights on more than they used too? They were on for the entire duration of both of my flights yesterday.

-- Bob Doan, Omaha, NE

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