Friday, June 15, 2012

Decks, Pools, and Summer

The deck project started on a whim two weeks ago has reached a milestone. The actual deck is complete thanks to the hard work of friends and family. I especially appreciate the way everyone continued on even after my elbow surgery effectively took me out of the game.

We did a little redesign work on the deck--so it looks at the same time different and better. It, at least, is ready for another 20 years of partying and enjoyment.

The only part of the project remaining is to reconstruct the stairs--and that is on hold until I am cleared by my very conservative doctor to resume swinging a hammer and playing racquetball.

It is all good though.

The deck still needs a coat of protective stain--but that is going to wait until the wood drys out and will actually allow the stain to soak into it.

The improved view of the pol area that the redesigned deck rails provides is very nice. We have the perfect backyard--deck and pool. There is no better way to experience and enjoy the summertime.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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Anonymous said...

Looks great!!

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