Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Clean your Bathroom

I read an interesting news article yesterday which really made me shake my head. The article is titled Jesus Found in Texas Bathroom Mold. The article has an image of the mold included in it.

To say that I was shocked by the title of the article is an understatement. Really? Jesus of the bathroom mold?

Some of the article reads as follows:

SPLENDORA, Texas, May 31 (UPI) -- A Texas family says they are getting strength from an image of Jesus they found in the mold growing inside the shower of their home.

Chyanna Richards, who lives in the home, told KTRK-TV, Houston, she doesn't know if it's mold or mildew in the bathroom but said the appearance of Jesus' image has meaning.

"Maybe it means something. Maybe look into yourself and see if you need to change something in your life," she said.

The mold began growing in the bathroom at the Splendora home a couple months ago when Thomas George, who lives in the home, was in prison.

"He's just watching over us to make sure nothing wrong happens or I get in trouble and go back," George said. "It gives me inspiration just to do better."

Here's a thought--clean your bathroom and go to church. Really, who should have enough mold in their bathroom to see images in it? And then they must think everyone has large quantities of mold.

By some strong bathroom cleaner and seek the living Jesus where he may be found--and not the one in the mold.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD
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