Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Grating Sound of Springtime--Ice Cream Truck

There it was the other evening.

The sound that makes me want to head inside and close all of the windows.

Yes, it is the sound of the ice cream truck winding its way though the neighborhood.

Were it in earshot for only a few minutes, I could accept its nightly rounds; however, it seems to linger in the evening like a visitor that will not leave even though their time has long passed.

It is not that I would deny the children of the area their opportunity to receive frozen delights, but rather it is the awful music blaring from the speakers which bring all rational thought to a stop which grates on my mind.

And it seems to continue for over an hour as the truck winds its way through the neighborhoods surrounding the house.

Sadly, it can ruin the best glass of wine (whine?).

I wonder how many children actually flock to this relic of Americana i the evening? I wonder how many parents cringe at the sound of its arrival in the area?

In reality, it is just another confirmation that winter has checked out and we are firmly in the season of rebirth.

If only they would change up the music!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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