Friday, March 2, 2012

Delegate Counts for the Long Summer Ahead

Some days a much longer than others.

Yesterday, for instance, I was awake at 4AM and did not get back to the hotel until after 9PM. Ugh! It was a long day filled with information that I am struggling to remember.

Then this morning, my computer and the hotel network are not talking and so I lost my first blog post into the ether.


Not really, but it takes the joy out of traveling.

I did get an email from the Orioles that my season tickets have been shipped. Another sure sign of Spring!

The weather here was OK--I guess. I didn't really get to experience it too much yesterday.

As the country is ramping up for Super Tuesday, I feel the political timelines beginning to wind down for some of the candidates.  But when I checked the delegate counts from the completed primaries--I can see we are in for a long, hot summer.

As it turns out, 1144 delegates are needed to secure the Republican nomination. As it stands now, no one is even close. Here are the totals from the New York Times:
Romney - 150
Santorum - 85
Gingrich - 29
Paul -18

I don't think anyone has a lock on this yet.

I had no idea that we had been following so much ado about nothing.  No wonder no one is dropping out of the race yet. No one is really even in the race right now.

Stand by, it has got to get a lot more interesting as the days melt away into summertime.

-- Bob Doan, Los Angeles, CA

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