Saturday, February 25, 2012

Traffic Gripes, Part 2

I received a couple of additions in a comment on my Traffic Gripes blog from the other day and wanted to share them:

People who speed up as you turn left in front of them or as you are passing them on the highway.

And then the combo, people you nicely allow onto the highway by moving into the left lane but then who speed up so you can't get back into the right lane.

I also want to add---

Road hogs. People who drive in the right lane of a local four lane road precluding people from entering the road from the intersecting side streets.

Toll booth crazies. If you live in an area where there are no toll booths, you won't see this, but I just fear for the undecided or impatient driver who changes toll booth lanes without looking.

Bumper rider. I know they are impatient, and I would get out of the lane if I could, but positioning their car like a NAASCAR driver drafting the leader doesn't help the situation.

Road rabbit. Speeding and lane changing at high rates of speed scaring everyone else on the road but somehow escaping unscathed.

I look forward any others that may be out there.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

1 comment:

Timed said...

Okay, so here is a scary one from the other nite, say about 11-ish, on my way home from work on a highway, during a high wind warning.
So this van keeps moving up to pass my truck on the left but can't quite make it as the wind keeps pushing him a little into my lane. I would've slowed down to let him pass but there was an 18-wheeler behind me, who kept backing off and speeding up, and the van would never back off enough to let me get into the left lane to let the big truck by.
And I really didn't want the van in front of me but I wasn't trying to keep him from passing me...
So...the moron, who was from Maryland LOL, with the van with the airdam on top finally races by me. I pull to the left to let the truck by and the van gets half blown into the right lane in front of the 18 wheeler.
Suffice it to say, the truck pulled off the exit I did and pulled onto the shoulder prob to wait the wind out a little.
The van was last seen trying to stay in the left lane of the highway and failing miserably.
You know how we should thank God all day long. I have gotten into the habit of doing just that whenever I reach my destination safely or gotten out of a close call.
I find it much better than peeing myself...

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