Sunday, January 22, 2012

Then There Were Four

We have arrived at the football weekend that presents incredible excitement as the remaining four teams vie for a spot in the Super Bowl which will be played in two weeks.

I am wrapped up in that excitement again this year as the Baltimore Ravens have ascended to the AFC Championship game against the perennial superpower New England Patriots.

Regardless of the outcome--the season has been fun and at the same time frustrating. The Ravens have posted victories against some of the best teams in football, and lost to some of the worst. Their inconsistent offense coupled with untimely defensive lapses have created nail-biting situations from which they usually have been able to extract themselves. But, the possibility of catastrophe is always there.

Today will be no different.

Despite going into the game in Foxborough as at least a touchdown underdog, I believe the Ravens will prevail. But it will be a nail biter. Asked for a score prediction, I am looking for 27-21 Ravens victory but the Patriots will likely be on or near the Ravens goal as time expires coming up just inches short of the winning touchdown.

So, recognizing that my brother is a huge Patriots fan--I offer my regret in advance that I am not rooting for his team. And to the Steelers fans out there--I know you probably can't cheer for the Ravens, but think about it, can you really root for Tom Terrific? How about some towel for the Ravens today for the honor of the AFC North?

Football, it tears families apart at the same time that it brings them together.

Game on!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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