Friday, January 20, 2012

Sunrise, Sunset

No, I am not writing about a great song from a play and then a movie many years ago. I did something that I hate doing yesterday. I am not happy about it either.

I saw the first rays of light gracing the eastern horizon on my way to work and I also witnessed the last light of the sunset as it faded from view on my way home.

It was one of those long days that never seem to end--and then when it does, I wonder where the day went.

So, where did the day get off to?

I admit--I did get out in the middle of the day for a quick trip to the dentist for some routine maintenance, but I left during the middle of a meeting to head off to the dentist and walked directly back into a different meeting when I returned. Sadly, I never even took time to eat lunch.

I guess it was a day of wall-to-wall meetings.

As Thursdays go--it was worse than most. Right now, my least favorite days of the week are tied between Monday and Thursday because of the meeting load I carry on those days.

But, Thursday carries with it the promise of Friday--and well, my weekend usually begins on Friday evening, before sunset with friends and a bottle (or more) of wine to celebrate the passing of the week.

Tonight, I believe, there will be a lot of celebrating.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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