Friday, January 27, 2012

The Power of a Song

Thursday's are one of my most difficult days, schedule-wise, at work. It is one of those days where the calendar conspires against me to create a day filled with meetings and activity. While that may not seem to be a bad thing, it means that I cannot interact with the people I work with and delve more deeply into the issues of the day.

The pace of the day also means that I cannot stay up to date with the presents being delivered by the "e-mail fairy" and so I tend to get bit behind.

Fundamentally, Thursday's are a high stress day for me. A day where I am clearly not in control of my schedule nor my work-life.

And then, as I turned the key in my truck while preparing to depart the gym after a less than exiting racquetball match, one of my favorite songs was playing on the radio. The song is "Today is the Day" written and performed by Lincoln Brewster. I wrote a blog about this song when I discovered it back during 2008, titled Today is the Day--Get Started.

The song on the radio and my response to it, singing, changed my entire out look on the day ahead of me. The transformation in my truck was amazing to me because I was no longer dreading the day ahead, but rather, I was prepared for the challenges.

As it turned out, I needed to be ready for the challenged because the day included a mad dash back home to change my shirt before the last meeting of the day due to one on my pens having a major malfunction. I just didn't think the big, blue spot on my shirt looked professional.

In the end, I made it through the day and I know my positive outlook was due in part to the song that played on the radio at just the right moment.

The power of the song is in the words, especially one part of one of verse which contains the following phrase--the words that helped me change my day!

I`m reaching my hand to Yours
Believing there`s so much more
Knowing that all You have in store for me is good

And since yesterday was the day, so is today!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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