Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bottom Out Day

An interesting thing happened yesterday. I confess that I had never considered it before--but it is a pretty significant occurrence for the Baltimore region.

Yesterday was the bottom out day--the day when the average daily high temperature begins to climb, ending the slide which began on July 15th. We bottom out at 41 degrees. The highest average high is 88 from 9-17 July and then it begins the slide which ends on 25 January.

The average low doesn't begin to increase from its bottom of 24 degrees until tomorrow, the 27th.

So happy bottom out day.

Springtime is coming--but it is still cold out there.

Have a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy the idea of the warmth that is on its way. It's coming, really!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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