Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tailights in my Eyes

Driving home from dropping Ethan off at Boys of Grace last evening on I-95, I was struck by the ribbons of lights eight lanes wide. Red taillights in front on me, winding over the hills and points of white lights coming at me from the other lanes.

The sunset was dark and almost gone on the horizon. The deep burnt orange glow still visible, but punctuated by the airplane landing lights and the stars coming into view.

It was a beautiful scene in a funny kind of way.

Ethan and I had, a few minutes earlier, just finished mowing the lawn and blowing off the leaves. It might be the last mowing of the year.

November is rapidly moving into winter. The mornings are cold aand frost covers my windshield.

Butfor now, the road was alive with ribbons of white and red lights moving at speeds about 70 mph in opposite directions.

And I was headed home for the second time tonight to enjoy a meal and some wine and relax until the morning called me to start all over again.

Another day and then facing the ribbons of lights again on the road. It seems that the dark times are upon us. Head to work in the dark and come home after sunset. I long for soringtime--and the promise is there.

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