Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Spring Training 2012

Here it is the last day of November 2011, and I am excited because the Orioles finally released their Spring Training 2012 schedule yesterday!

But then, at this time of year I am all about Springtime anyway.

I am not entirely sure why it took the O's so long to get their schedule out because i was pretty sure that I could have put it together from the schedules of the other teams that had already been released. But it is finally out.

Now I can dream of baking in the heat and sun of a March afternoon in Sarasota, Florida watching the 2012 edition of the Orioles and wondering if they will be better than this season's Birds.

And they have new hats!

Something else to purchase.

I mean, I have to wear the latest, I don't want to get caught at the park wearing last season's gear, right?

Tickets and tours, here I come!

It actually warms me up a bit thinking of the O's and the baseball season ahead.

I think I actually just skipped over Christmas--wow, don't let my local retailers know!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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