Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Presidential Olympics


The race is begun and it is a marathon. The accusations and the counter accusations and sexual harassment allegations are flying.

Are we electing a saint or a president? Are we electing someone to lead us out of an economic catastrophe or some squeaky clean poster child for special interests? As I see it, a business man who has been out there with a proven track record is going to have been involved in the natural side effects of conducting business in America today--and that is people who are not willing to accept responsibility for their own actions or failures. Result? Allegations and accusations against him.

I don't know the or the facts, but I know that we have had many men with moral defects occupy the office of the President. One recent former President could likely get reelected if he ran again and he was the center of a huge scandal with interns. Why could he get elected again? Because he was a leader and people resonated with his messageand he deivered on his promises.

Let the cards fall as they may--but, let's not become so myopically focused upon one issue that we fail to elect the man or woman who can take this nation's reigns of leadership and lead us from the edge of economic ruin and back to the status of the only surviving superpower in the world. OK, maybe that was a bit over the top but you get the idea.

Jesus said something to a group of accusers loosly translated which encouraged any of them of who had not sinned was free to throw the first stone. And they all departed. Why? Because we have all sinned. Is one sin greater than another? Not really. Sin is sin. If you are perfect, well, think again. We have all sinned and fallen short of the goal. Daily, I might add. I love the ending to that scene in the Bible where Jesus tells the accused--and neither do I accuse you, go and sin no more. (John 8:1-11)

Let's not look for perfection during this presidential sweepstakes season, let us look for a leader with vision.

Personally, I'm looking for a Ronald Reagan type of leader who, btw, was divorced, was an actor, and still got elected when we were in a similar economic mess--double digit inflation and seemingly without hope. Why did we elect him? Because he helped us see what we could be. He instilled a sense of patriotism and gave us a common vision of the future. Oh yeah, and then he delivered.

I am looking for a leader who make me believe something like:
If you're afraid of the future, then get out of the way, stand aside. The people of this country are ready to move again.   Ronald Reagan

And then, let's make it happen, together.

- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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