Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Near Full Moon

The near full moon was hanging over the end of the street last evening as I drove off to play a racquetball match.

It was there, bright and almost cheery in the clear sky which was just beginning to be populated with points of light.

The sun was in the final stages of setting--and so the sky was not completly dark yet--but it was coming, I could tell.

Many trees still retain portions of their autumnal robes and gave the scene some color--still visible in the just before the darkness waning light.

It was warm--yes warm with temperatures in the mid-60's just to remind me that even in November the weather can be nice enough to ride with the top down on he convertible.

But I was off on a mission--heading off to the court in the height of the evening rush hour traffic.

It seems that rush hour around here is reaally rush four hours as people scurry to and from their places of employment or education. And it happens twice per day.

The moon was hanging there--almost full, it will be full on Thursday and then I wonder whether it will become a true harvest moon. The big cool orb hanging in the sky illuminating the near bare trees and casting stark shadows onto the lawns that we associate with autumn. Maybe more yellow than white--low on the horizon opposite the just set sun.

The kind of moon that when we were kids we would look into its face and really see the man in the moon. Or maybe, if we were quick, we could spy a witch flying her broom across the broad face--but only for a moment.

But it is off for the new day and the coming dawn now. I wonder what is in store for today. Something magical, I hope.

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