Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Musings - November 21, 2011

1. The Christmas lights outside the house are in place and the Snow Village is set up. Thanksgiving and the slide into the hectic Christmas Season is ready to begin.

2. I cannot believe it is Thanksgiving already. Seems like only yesterday I was on a sailboat off the coast of St. Vincent enjoying the heat and humidity of summertime.

3. Sports in America requires a thorough review. The over paid NBA owners and players who cannot agree on how to split the treasure of Solomon are driving hundreds of lower paid ($10-20/hour) people into unemployment. And on the heels of this the Penn State scandal is continually in the news and getting creepier, people we have a problem--and it is us!

4. Did you note that although we still do not have a budget (U.S.) we at least have another continuing resolution. I dearly wish that Congress would reread the Constitution.

5. The weather hs been unseasonably warm the past few days. I even heard the peepers in the wetlands near me last evening. I figure they will soon go silent until the cold, dark days have passed and Springtime returns.

6. The travel season is in full swing. I know this because my family increses by one or two canines temporarily.

7. If you are traveling for the holidays, here is a prayer for safe travel: Lord, be with me as I prepare for travel.  Calm my fears so that I can begin this trip rested in mind and body.  Keep me alert for any dangerous situations I might encounter so that I might arrive at my destination unharmed and secure in the knowledge that, when my trip is over, You will always be there to guide me safely.  Amen.

8. Patrick asked me an interesting question the other evening. Considering the Presidents from Truman to Clinton, which was the best and which was the worst? Not an easy task it turns out. In my mind the best was easy--Reagan without a doubt with Truman close behind. But the worst? I found the competition to be fairly stiff. I entertained thoughts of Carter and Clinton. I also considered Johnson and Eisenhower and the crook who said he wasn't, Nixon. I felt quickly that Bush (the elder) was in the middle so that he was safe. In each case, I found something positive from their administrations. So I was left with Ford and JFK. Ford helped heal a nation with his bumbling ways after the debacle of Nixon, and that left JFK--who in my mind wound up with the title of the worst of the Presidents between Truamn and Clinton. I would be interested in your thoughts--this could be a lively discussion..

9. We have been adopted by a ferral cat--I am not sure if that is good or bad.

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